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We provide forging parts for tractor, rotavator parts in agriculture which create durable, robust components for machinery, enhancing efficiency, durability, and performance in farming operations.


Indira Forge manufacture forging parts in construction yields rugged components that boost structural integrity, safety, and longevity in buildings and infrastructure projects.


As Tier-II auto suppliers, we forge components for top brands in Tamil Nadu and India, prioritizing safety and strength to enhance vehicles for diverse driving conditions. Committed to excellence

Commercial Vehicles

We specialize in creating durable, reliable forged components for commercial vehicles, meticulously meeting the demanding needs of heavy-duty transportation with unwavering strength and precision.


Indira Forge is Tier-III supplier for aerospace industries. We deliver high-strength, lightweight components crucial for safety, performance, and reliability in aircraft and spacecraft.

Power Transmission

Our expertly forged products offer robust components, efficiently transmitting energy across diverse mechanical systems, ensuring overall performance and reliability in varied operational environments


Forged components are crucial in railways for their strength and durability. Indira Forge specializes in various railway forged products and ferrules, ensuring reliability and safety.

Heavy Vehicles

We specialize in meticulously forging supports for manufacturing heavy vehicle components such as axles and gears, ensuring durability, strength, and precision for robust heavy vehicles.

An Insight into Our Forging Manufacturing Process

Our Apex Forging Timeline

Custom Die Creation :
Upon your arrival for forged parts, we engineer bespoke impression dies, utilizing provided blueprints and specifications. Additionally, we expedite the creation of conceptual digital or plastic 3D models, dies, and sample forgings within a remarkably short time-frame.

Steel Procurement and Preparation
Once die designs are finalized, we promptly order the requisite steel in the accurate diameter and grade specifications.

Billet Preparation:
Upon receiving the steel, we precision-cut it into billets, then efficiently preheat them using our energy-saving induction heating units

Shape Refinement:
The heated billets undergo meticulous rolling to precisely reshape them, ensuring an exact fit into the custom die's profile

Forging Process :
Our adept team utilizes mechanical presses or drop hammers to forge the components. Any excess material, referred to as flash, is swiftly trimmed and sent for recycling at a steel mill.

Cooling and Inspection :
The newly forged components proceed through a prescribed cooling method post-shaping. Following this, our meticulous hand-inspection process ensures each component meets customer stringent quality standards.

Our impression die forging process enables us to craft top-tier components, minimizing scrap waste and conserving energy resources

Standard processing time-frame :

Drawing Study : 1-3 days
Design Analysis : 1-2 days
Conceptualization : 1- 2 days
Die & Tools / Raw Material Procurement: 1-3 weeks
Tooling Creation: 2-3 weeks
Product Development & Testing: 1-2 weeks
Forging: 1-3 weeks
Shot Blasting Cleaning (First Stage): 1-2 days
Heat Treatment: 1-2 weeks
Shot Blasting Cleaning (Second Stage): 1-2 days
Coining/Piercing: 1-2 days
Final Inspection: 1-2 days
Shipping & Transit: 1-2 days

Each variable step seems to have a variable time-frame, and they depend on various factors like the complexity of the product, the availability of materials, and the efficiency of the manufacturing process.

Supplemental processing time-frame :

Coating Process: 1 to 3 weeks
Machining: 1 to 3 weeks
Non-Destructive Testing: 1 week
Pull Testing: 1 week

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Indira Forge stands as a pioneering forging manufacturer in India, setting industry benchmarks. Our pledge is to uphold this legacy through consistent investments in groundbreaking technology, unwavering dedication to quality, and precision-driven practices. For all your forging needs, feel free to reach out by phone or complete our online form to request a tailored quote.