Diverse Manufacturing Abilities

Experience our diverse manufacturing abilities, delivering precision-crafted components for a wide range of industries. Trust our expertise for excellence



Situated in approved industrial zones, our forging facilities are strategically located near the Airport (40km) and Seaport (55km). Equipped for producing forged metal components, our integrated plant includes specialized areas for forging, raw material processing, heat treatment, machining, and quality control. This comprehensive setup ensures seamless operations, enhancing efficiency and control over production.

Our expert team, proficient in the latest technologies, comprises skilled professionals and adept supervisors. Their extensive experience manages complex processes, implements advanced technologies, and upholds quality standards across all production stages.

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Customized tooling is pivotal in forging operations, influencing process quality and efficiency. Tool design and maintenance are critical for precise and consistent results. Indira Forge's close collaboration with nearby tool makers delivers up to 25 new dies and over 100 re-sinks yearly. This strategic alliance, complemented by our diverse technologies, guarantees results surpassing expectations.

We prioritize meticulous tool selection and upkeep, ensuring seamless forging processes. The synergy with tool makers aids in tailoring tools to specific needs, supporting precise and consistent outcomes. Our commitment to superior tooling design and maintenance stands as a cornerstone, enabling us to consistently exceed your expectations and deliver exceptional forging results that meet the highest standards of quality and precision

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Design & Development

Upon receiving your initial drawings, we enhance and transform them into precise 3D CAD models with our supplier, proficient in Solid Works, AutoCAD, and Creo Elements. Our reverse engineering process accommodates situations without drawings, ensuring your design reaches its utmost potential.

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At Indira Forge, ensuring the production of reliable, durable components is paramount. Our process rigorously follows precise specifications, standards, and regulations from start to finish. This involves sourcing high-quality raw materials, closely monitoring forging operations, rigorous inspections at multiple stages, and comprehensive testing to verify product performance.

Our commitment extends to continuous quality improvement initiatives, fortified quality management systems, workforce training, and adherence to industry best practices. These collective efforts maintain unwavering quality levels, meeting customer needs, and nurturing trust and reliability in the marketplace. Through this stringent adherence to quality throughout the manufacturing process, we affirm our dedication to consistent excellence, ensuring the components we produce consistently meet and exceed industry standards while instilling confidence in our customers

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Machining is a seamless part of our services. Whether in-house or through external partnerships, we ensure comprehensive coverage for all machining needs. We possess the internal infrastructure and external collaborations to fulfill project requirements efficiently. Entrusting us with machining responsibilities not only saves time and effort in searching for ideal suppliers but also optimizes machine-time and reduces costs associated with consumables, materials, and fixture investments.

Our capability to design the forging process to best fit subsequent machining processes ensures an integrated and cost-effective approach. This streamlined coordination between forging and machining guarantees a smoother transition, allowing us to deliver precisely tailored components while maintaining cost-efficiency and meeting high-quality standards.

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Value Engineering

Our cornerstone approach lies in Value Engineering, where we meticulously optimize material usage and design to elevate both efficiency and quality. Our focus is on scrutinizing forging techniques, exploring alternatives that enhance strength while minimizing material waste. Through comprehensive analysis, we pinpoint cost-effective materials and methods, resulting in improved durability and enhanced performance.

Our collaborative efforts are geared toward streamlining production. We employ innovative approaches to achieve precision and consistency. Value Engineering serves as the backbone for our deep understanding of forging processes, constantly seeking enhancements that reduce lead times and elevate output while maintaining unwavering integrity.

We champion innovation by seamlessly integrating technology with forging expertise to craft superior products. This approach perfectly aligns with industry standards, meeting the demands for excellence and cost-efficiency.

Our operations:

Hot Forging: In-House
Machining: In-House
Stamping: Certified Outsource Partner
Plating: Certified Outsource Partner
Heat Treatment:Certified Outsource Partner
Cold Forging : Certified Outsource Partner
Fasteners : Certified Outsource Partner
Induction Hardening : Certified Outsource Partner
Any Engineering : In-House / Certified Outsource Partner

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